Button Box Gallery

Photos of BCC# accordions.
Arranged alphabetically by brand name.
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Will Starr's Hohner Shand Morino and Shand No. 2 (1951) Borsini 80-bass Bill Powrie's Borsini 80-bass Borsini "Special" 120-bass mid-1970s
Borsini 120-bass Casali 48-bass Casali 48-bass Casali 80-bass
Chiusaroli Coop l'Armonica Stradella Cooperativa L'armonica Stradella Concordia 80-bass
Dallapé BCC# 1920s - 1930s Delfini BCC- 80-bass Dino Baffetti Irish III Excelsior Rambler
Excelsior 'Norminator' (customised Rambler, per Norman Mackay) 2009 Excelsior "Jimmi Shand" model, 1964/5 Excelsior "Jimmi Shand" model, 1966 (J Macrae) Another Excelsior "Jimmy Shand" model
Fantini "Sharino" Earlier Fantini Sharino - 1999? Fantini Sharino Special  (J MacRae) Fantini Son 72-bass
Frontalini 48-bass Another Frontalini 48-bass Frontalini 80 bass Frontalini 80 bass
Frontalini 80 bass Giustozzi  80 bass Giustozzi Lusso 80 bass Giustozzi 60-bass Club BCC#
Guerrini Gala 1989 Original Shand "Hohner Special" 1939 Hohner Shand Morino 1954 Hohner Shand Morino 1955
Hohner Shand Morino 40-105 No 83 1962 (J Macrae) Hohner Shand Morino 40-105 No 48 1965 (J Macrae) Hohner Shand Morino 40-key Hohner Shand Morino 1974 (possibly made by Excelsior)
Last model of Hohner Shand Morino (1975) - note white Gola-style couplers. Brandon McPhee's Collection of Shand Morinos (September 2017) Hohner Shand Gola 1965 Hohner Morino Club 60-bass Mackay/Crawford Special
Hohner Echo IV Hohner Gaelic IIIS Hohner Gaelic IVS Another Hohner Gaelic IVS
Later Hohner Gaelic IVS Later Hohner Gaelic IVS Hohner pre-Trichord "Dreireiher" c. 1939 Older Hohner Trichord
Hohner Trichord III Rather nice black Hohner Trichord III Hohner Trichord III with 48-bass from La Divina PA - converted 2009. Hohner Trichord III 48 bass conversion - very nice in black
Jonelli (made by Mengascini) La Vera 48-bass La Vera 48-bass La Vera 60-bass
Manfrini Aria 80-bass 2012 Red Manfrini Manfrini Artisan 2014 Manfrini Artisan 2015
Manfrini Artisan 9 registers Manfrini 96 bass 2014 Mengascini Menghini 48-bass
Mundinger "Caledonia" by Sonola Orfeo 80 bass Orfeo 80 bass Orlando Pellegrini
Paolo Soprani 1955 stepped keyboard Paolo Soprani 3v 80 bass early 1960s Paolo Soprani 4v 80 bass 1960s Paolo Soprani  c. 1970s
Paolo Soprani Black Badge Paolo Soprani Elite III Paolo Soprani 96-bass Paolo Soprani 96 bass
Vintage Paolo Soprani "P Soprani" - Obviously not a Paolo Soprani, but what is it? Roland FR-18, programmed BCC# Roland FR-18, programmed BCC#, added white buttons a la Trichord
Super Salas 80-bass Saltarelle Glen Saltarelle Aubrac Serenellini Bocsa Dubh 60-bass
Vignoni Coimbra 80-bass Watkins Dancer Weltmeister 509 Mystery Box - Paolo Soprani or Excelsior?